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Royal Enfield Production Twin: UPDATED MORE PHOTOS

This is the first glimpse of what could be Royal Enfield's previously secret AFT Production Twin race project.

Our friend and fellow racer, Paul Harrison was at Leicester Speedway track yesterday, just 13 miles from Royal Enfield's Bruntingthorpe technology centre, and saw it testing. We'd heard noises about this project back in mid-summer but didn't realise it would be tested so soon.

We can't be 100% sure it's an official project, and not just a staff after-hours job, but everything is pointing to it being the real thing.

  • Paul Young, one of Royal Enfield's test team & DTRA regular, was riding

  • It has, what look to be, one-off S&S exhaust (S&S are one of Royal Enfield's technical partners)

  • We're told the frame was built by Harris (Royal Enfield own Harris Performance)

In stock form the engine makes less than 50bhp, so it's going to have to find another 40 or more to be close to competitive, but both S&S (who run Indian's FTR750 factory race team) and Royal Enfield will know that. Unless, the idea is to run a one-make series as a support class, but that is pure conjecture.

American Flat Track must be salivating at the prospect of Royal Enfield entering the sport and turning on India to flat track. FYI Royal Enfield sold 825,000 in the previous financial year (source: India Today). Harley sold 228,000 (source: H-D), but Harleys are much more expensive.

Pit photos: Paul Harrison

Action photo: Jim West

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