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AFT SuperTwins Update 2: The FAQs

Further to the previous AFT SuperTwins post, American Flat Track released these FAQs and answers.

Q: What do you say to those who feel that it’s the end of the ‘underdog’?

A: The elite class of the AFT series has evolved considerably over the last few years and now represents a real opportunity for the best riders in the world to compete, week in, week out, for the greatest prize in Pro Flat Track racing, in front of the biggest audiences seen for decades. The recently introduced Production Twins class offers a path for upcoming and smaller privateer teams to genuinely compete for race victories, to study the SuperTwins class and plan for their future.

Q: Does that mean that AFT Production Twins and AFT Singles won’t be on TV next year?

A: AFT Singles and AFT Production Twins will continue to be an integral part of AFT’s cable and live streaming coverage in 2020. Both classes feature exciting race action and are an important part of our story.

Q: How much will it cost to be approved for AFT SuperTwins?

A: The costs for an individual season SuperTwins Partner Team entry (which includes Team Credentials, Entry for all 2020 SuperTwins events and all Partner Team benefits) is listed in the prospectus document sent to the Teams.

The cost for an individual season SuperTwins Pro Team entry (which includes Team Credentials, Entry for all 2020 SuperTwins events and the Pro Team benefits) is listed on the document sent to the Teams. Pro Teams may purchase other offered services on an a la carte basis.

The cost for Wildcard teams is listed in the prospectus. This fee only includes Team Credentials. Wildcard teams will also need to pay a single event entry fee for each race or test event they plan to attend.

Q: Are costs going to rise for participation in AFT SuperTwins?

A: The participation costs for the 2019 season (team member hardcards, rider licenses, entries and 3 test events) totaled $8,135. For 2020 they will be $9,115. This represents a 12% increase, with the new class structure guaranteeing Main Event participation and visibility in a class with expanded broadcast exposure and a greater potential for team sponsorship.

Q: When can teams sign up for the 2020 AFT SuperTwins class?

A: The SuperTwins team application process will begin in September and AFT will secure grid positions for season-long and single-event entries on December 1, 2019. After December 1, SuperTwins teams can apply for any remaining season-long and single-event entries on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming an AFT SuperTwins team?

A: All SuperTwins Teams will benefit from guaranteed exposure, coverage and reach to AFT’s substantial and growing audiences. The total reach for AFT SuperTwins will be a very attractive tool for teams motivated to improve their revenue from partnerships and sponsorships.

Teams, Riders and Entries

Q: Which Teams will be eligible to field a motorcycle in AFT SuperTwins? What happens if I am not selected as a SuperTwins Team?

A: Any team, whether they are currently fielding an AFT Twins entry, or they are new to the class or sport, will be eligible to apply for up to two of the 14 available SuperTwins season-long entries, as long as they meet the entry criteria. AFT will evaluate all applications according to a set of criteria including team and rider experience and financial health. In the event of more than 18 qualified applications, AFT will form a wait list. Teams will be able to apply for either a single year contract or multi-year options.

Q: Which Riders are eligible to compete in AFT SuperTwins?

A: All licensed AFT Twins riders and any AFT Singles riders that meet the criteria to advance are eligible to apply to compete in SuperTwins.

Q: Who is the primary point of contact for AFT on a SuperTwins Team? Is it the Rider?

A: As the SuperTwins class transitions to team-centered management, as opposed to rider-centered, the Team Owner or their designated Team Principal will be AFT’s primary point of contact.

Q: Can a rider also be the Team Owner?

A: Yes, a rider can apply to be the Team Owner of a SuperTwins Team.

Q: I am an approved SuperTwins team, and my rider is unable to compete in an event, what are my obligations?

A: Partner and Pro teams will be contracted to field an entry, either by putting a Twins-licensed rider on their motorcycle or leasing their SuperTwins grid position to an alternate Team approved for competition in SuperTwins by AFT.

Technical Rules and Event Regulations

Q: What paddock requirements are there for AFT SuperTwins Teams?

A: All SuperTwins teams are required to have a professional paddock appearance that includes a suitable straight truck, Toterhome/trailer or full semi-truck/trailer along with branded tents/awnings, signage and branded barricades that comply with the guidelines.

Q: How will race purse and Championship Point Funds be paid out in SuperTwins?

A: SuperTwins Team Owners will receive the race purse and Championship Point Funds earned by their Teams. However, the Team Owner may designate any corporate entity or individual, such as the Rider, as the payee for race purse and championship point funds.

Q: How will the payouts for SuperTwins in 2020 compare to the current Twins payouts for 2019?

A: Performance payouts will be the same or greater than in 2019. Championship Points Funds and start money will be dependent on commercial sponsorship of the class.

Q: Will there be different rules regarding the safety equipment required for SuperTwins?

A: Additional safety requirements for rider apparel will be introduced for AFT SuperTwins, including the mandatory use of airbag-equipped riding suits, although this is anticipated to be extended to the whole AFT paddock in due time. Riding suit vendors should contact AFT’s Chief Competition Officer, Joey Mancari, for further details.

Q: Are there any major changes to the 2020 SuperTwins technical rules in comparison to the 2019 Twins rules?

A: No major changes to the rules for SuperTwins are anticipated in 2020.

Q: What is the event format for SuperTwins?

A: The SuperTwins field will participate in Practice followed by Timed Qualifying and then two Semi races, which will set the grid for the ready-for-live-TV Main Event.

Q: What happens to Provisional Starts?

A: Provisional Starts are no longer necessary as every participant is guaranteed a grid position in the Main Event.

Q: How do upcoming riders get a chance in SuperTwins?

A: During every past season rider changes have been known to occur either during the season or between seasons. Teams will be able to recruit any eligible rider to cover for absences or team personnel changes.

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