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The Beast T-shirt sold out again, then Dean from Dice magazine posted this picture wearing his and a whole new raft of folk wanted it, so here it is again. This time it’s printed on an ethically-sourced, FairWear-approved, 100% organic cotton T-shirt. It’s heavyweight, regular cut (like a Gildan), but feels so much better and doesn’t have the unwanted tang of workforce abuse accusations lingering on it.

The Adi Gilbert artwork is screenprinted for us in Wales where the workforce doss around drinking tea and dunking ginger biscuits until 11, work at half-pace till midday before breaking for lunch; have a couple of pints and catch up on social media for the rest of the afternoon, until their line manager takes them home in a Mazda Bongo Friendee minibus painted to look like Scooby Doo’s mystery machine.*

Available in unisex S- XXL.

We don't have many, so order yours from THE SIDEBURN WEBSHOP

* This might not be 100% true, but we’ve spoken to the staff and they sound cheerful enough. They are printed in Wales though.

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