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Golden Shoe Day, Germany

Jorg and Stephanie from Hamburg, Germany are a super-cool couple. They travel all over the world supporting and racing at other people's events. Jorg's shop - Single and Twin in Hamburg, stocks Sideburn too.

They've put on a few of their own and this is the latest. Jorg gives us the details...

On Saturday, July 13th 2019 we celebrate the first Golden Hotshoe Day, a flat track event at the Speedway Stadium in Brokstedt (approx. 60 km north of Hamburg). There will be 8 different groups from beginner to flat track pro. Something for everybody. The classes are as follows: -Pre war, pre 1948 -Moped 50cc, pre 1985 -Ladies, bikes pre 1985 -Inappropriate bikes, including scooters, choppers, cafe racers, etc. pre 1985 -Street Trackers, pre 1985 -Vintage Flat Trackers, pre 1975 -Flat Trackers post 1975 -Sidecars pre 1985 There will be BBQ and entertainment in the evening with live music, beer and everything you can ask for, like Motoball and a bellyflop competition at the pool.

Riders registration is important, see

More information The paddock will be open from Friday afternoon, camping is free for competitors. You are not allowed to light your own BBQ on site. There will be a common self service grill on Friday and a food truck on Saturday. We serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.

We are looking forward to a weekend full of fun with you! Stephanie, Joerg, Fiete & Hannes

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