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Avoid Price Increase // Sustain Sideburn

Due to external forces we must increase our subs price in the near future. This is advance notice to say if you subscribe now you will avoid price increases.

Not only will you save money, compared to ordering individual magazines, you'll be supporting an independent magazine that has been business for over ten years.

Sideburn was launched to help promote the sport of flat track, through our love for it and participation in it. I was racing before I started the magazine and I'm still racing now (on the same bike!). The sport has changed over the history of Sideburn, to the point where now more people are participating than they have since the 1970s or earlier and the sport is reaching new countries all over the world. We played our part in that.

The whole media landscape has changed too. We launched before motorcycle blogs were a big thing, and years before instagram was launched. The latter has changed the way I think about the magazine, from top to bottom, what goes in, and what doesn't.

From day one we covered other elements. The first road trip story we printed was in SB2 and we've featured artist and photographer portfolios from those early days, while growing the magazine in all directions and adding elements like essays about bike movies and some adventure riding pieces.

I never thought of making Sideburn 2, but right now I'm waiting for issue 36 to be delivered (the image above is from the next issue). We'll never print more than four issues per year, but if we can keep doing that, I'll be happy. Subscribers not only help make it possible, they make it worthwhile. This isn't a vanity project, it's a real magazine and it needs all the readers it can get. So, if you can, please...

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