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Mablethorpe Season Opener

Mystery ignition problems ruined my day at Mablethorpe, and I can barely muster the enthusiasm to describe them. My newly rebuilt Honda was running on Saturday, but a bugger to start from cold. Changed the coil, changed the plug, changed the plug cap. Lovely spark from the bare end of the HT lead, but when I put on any kind of plug cap (and I tried three) and plugs old or new, the spark all but disappeared. When the bike did start, it ticked over and revved lovely. The optimist in me thought I'd get it started on race day and then it would be ok to restart once warm (like it was yesterday). Wrong. Wasted day...

Still it was a great turn out on the beach.

Changeable weather that came good for the racing. Lots of new bikes, lots of DTRA faces, strong junior classes. Not a single woman racing though, so still a lot of room for growth?

Above is AFT Pro Singles racer Oliver Brindley #24, who returned to his roots on a 125 two-stroke. Next to him is Carl CFM, debuting in the 125 MX class.

Young Will spent a year helping his mate Martin, who then built this bike for his to race in the up to 400cc road bike class. It was Will's first ever motorcycle race.

Martin replaced the DT250 he donated to Will with this IT250. Couple of great looking bikes.

Too pretty for the beach. Gorgeous GM longtracker/grasstracker.

Next race is 11 November.

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