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French Flat Track

The world of flat track just keeps growing. The French are getting their act together, as well as the Spanish, Italians and Dutch/Belgians. All these countries have exciting, fledgling flat track race scenes where they didn't exist just three or four years ago.

Seb from Vintage Racing Spirit in France sent us this email...

This year, we already host one indoor event and 3 trainings dates. We are proud to see more and more riders coming playing with us in the dust and above all, leaving the event with a huge smile on their face, just waiting for the next event. Flat Track is just pleasure and adrenaline. It’s a bit addictive. And it has to be shared with friends.

Our 2 races of the challenge will take place on the 22nd September In Mâcon (north Lyon) and 14th October in Morizès (South-east Bordeaux). Registrations are now opened. You will find all necessary informations on the « inscription » (registration) page of our website (english at bottom of the page):

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