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Back to the Rocky Flat Nuclear Waste Dump

We're expecting a story from Travis about his 2018 Pikes Peak that we will put in our STORIES section. The good news, despite one rider's heavy crash, there were no motorcycle fatalities on America's Mountain (TM) this year, and Travis came second in class. So, for now, here is a short update for the all the fans of Sideburn's poet... GI

Pikes Peak was a very fun experience this year. I’m in Kansas right now getting Rachel moved into her apartment where she will be spending nine months getting her masters degree in library science. We sold our house last month and I have been sleeping on a cot next to my tool chest or in my caravan parked on Mike Ranum’s junkyard, located in the Rocky Flats nuclear waste dump site.

We close on a new house Monday in Grand Junction (western Colorado) and I am looking at buying a shop there. Very excited about it all. A bit of a crazy pain in the ass but the future should be grand!

Travis 747

Read Travis's most recent published poem in Sideburn 33.

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