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Porsche 911 Rally CGI by INK

Remember the Benedict Redgrove Dragster Driver images? Or the same photographer's award-winning DTRA images? Well, they were both manipulated and retouched by INK, a specialist in the art of photo enhancement. INK's latest project is Plain Bodies.

It's a slightly unusual project, but shows some of the firm's capabilities. Legendary racing cars have been recreated using CGI programmes, Computer-Generated Imagery. This isn't a photo that has been digitally stripped of its colour and advertising, it's purely a computer illustration. I'm not entirely sure of the point of the exercise, especially as we know whole worlds, full of aliens and dinosaurs. Still, the images are striking and worth a share.

This 1984 Porsche 911 Rally was built to compete in the Dakar and won in its first and only race, with the team of Metge and Lemoyne. There were three 911 Rallys in that year's Paris-Dakar (back when it actually began in Paris and ended in Dakar). Finishing second to the factory Porsche was a Range Rover! That tells you a lot about how that race has changed over the years.

The 911 Rally is the latest in a series of Plain Bodies created by Ink. It follows Porsche 917 and 959, Jaguar D-Type and Ford GT40.

You can buy posters of the artwork from the WeAreInk ETSY Shop for £50.

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