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That Texas Half-Mile Crash

I had seen this recent Texas Half-Mile crash on Instagram, but couldn't find a version I could post on the blog until I looked again today. It's worth posting for those who limit their social media intake to just the Sideburn blog.

The surface at the Forth Worth track sounded like it was causing problems for some riders. Brad Baker crashed out in the heats, but was discharged from hospital later the same weekend, Sandriana Shipman had a ugly crash in the Singles class and needed multiple surgeries, then this unfolded halfway-through the AFT Twins Semi 1.

Bryan Smith is leading the pack on his Indian, with Brandon Robinson's XG750R and Johnny Lewis on another FTR750 tucked in behind. Smith loses the back end, then his left foot seems to fold, rather than holding the slide like I would expect a rider of his talent to do 50 times a weekend. Perhaps it hit a hole or some deep cushion. Robinson and JL10 manage to tighten their lines and miss the skittering twin, but the crash isn't anywhere near over.

Jake Johnson T-bones the #4 bike's front wheel and endos at 80-90mph. The impact spins the bike into the path of Stevie Bonsey's #80 XR750 sending the Californian and his bike into the air and on a collision course with Johnson's Estenson Yamaha.

Bonsey's front wheel hits the Yamaha while both bikes are in mid-air. The Yamaha seems to be slammed into the track, then bounces back up UNDERNEATH Bonsey's Harley catapulting the bike and Bonsey way into the night air.

Multiple Daytona 200 winner, Danny Eslick, arrives on the scene to slice through the wreckage on a wing and a prayer, is hit by a flying bike, but still stays on his XR750, and makes it through to the main.

Bonsey broke his ankle, requiring surgery, and Smith broke his fibula (one of the shin bones). Jake Johnson was racing the following weekend.

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