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Subscribe - Get A Free T-shirt

Subscribers are a big part of the Sideburn story, we love them more than our own feet, so we offer the best free gifts we can afford to people who subscribe. The latest offer with our 8-issue subs is this Cardinal Red Rollerball T-shirt.

Why subscribe to Sideburn?

1. Eight issues sent to your door! 2. Save money compared to ordering individually. 3. Avoid cover price or mailing increases for the next 24 months. 4. Get a lovely surprise through the door four times per year. You deserve it. 5. Receive this free limited edition T-shirt. 6. Get a warm glow from supporting independent print. 7. It's scientifically proven magazines are pretty much everything that's good about this mixed-up world. 8. Did we mention the free T-shirt?

We also have this T-shirt for sale, along with a black and orange version.

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