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Urban Dirt Bikers: In Stock

Over the years we've sold 100s of limited run books that have caught our imagination. Sometimes we've been the last stockist in the world to order and when they're gone they don't seem to get reprinted. There are plenty of books we love, but if they have good distribution we can't compete, so we leave it to the big players. This is the latest book that ticked all the boxes.

'Urban Dirt Bikers' by Spencer Murphy. 128pp, hardcover with cloth-covered back case and spine, white & gold foiled, 160 x 228mm

'Whatever their ride – dirt bikes, quads, mopeds – tearing up tarmac and pulling stunts on industrial estates or city streets is self-expression. In the face of the law and a hostile public, they are united by a passion and a way of life that few outsiders appreciate. Acclaimed photographer Spencer Murphy lifts the lid on London’s most misunderstood subculture, capturing the style and attitude of a movement that is life or death for its followers.

'Spencer Murphy is a fine art and commercial photographer based in London. Best known for his portrait photography, in 2013 he won the National Portrait Gallery's Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, his work having been selected for the exhibition six times beforehand. Spencer’s personal work is often concerned with the notion of the outsider; those who live an alternative, rebel lifestyle away from – or in spite of – our preconceptions of what is deemed to be normal.'

This is a limited run first edition.

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