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Fanging Hard Through Town On A Kawasaki

There's plenty of surf/bike crossover out there, to the point where most roll their eyes and move on. This however, is different, because it's Derek Hynd. Derek is a true oddball individualist, an iconoclastic former pro surfer, former journalist and commentator who has, of late, abandoned using fins on his surfboards. For those not so up on surf design, the fins are directional stabilizers. Without them the board just wants to go sideways like a drunk Finn in a rally car. On ice. The positive is without them you also go incredibly fast, having shed most of your drag, and this is Derek's thing.

Here, from Andrew Kidman's 2002 interview with Derek published in The Surfer's Journal Vol.11 #1, is the man talking about motorbikes and how some many promising Australian surfers were lured away by joys of fanging hard through town on a Kawasaki... 'I was woken at midnight once by a chase going down after the Pub all over the neighbourhood between a Charger cop car and a Mach 3 Kawasaki: what a classic double. They were the only sounds around and it was like an amplified dogfight. It went on and on. You wouldn't read about it - they started getting closer and my heart was thumping like crazy and it felt like a lottery win as they got to my street half-a-mile away, both red lining. Had to be. The bike raged down the first hill past the house and over the rise down the next hill. He was a local for sure, heading for the bends to shake him off. The V8 hit the rise 30 yards outside the house at ridiculous speed. I'll never forget the moments when his car left the road before the crash. Greatest thing to happen on our street - both were heroes, better than the Queen driving by in '66.'

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