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Shayna Signs for Husqvarna

With just six days until the AFT season opener at the Daytona TT, Husqvarna have announced they have signed Shayna Texter to race their FC450 in the Singles class.

'Husqvarna Motorcycles believes strongly in supporting the female riding movement,' said Jenna Parker, Husqvarna Motorcycles Marketing Manager. 'This is an ideal match for us. Shayna is not only a ferocious competitor and a proven winner, but she also displays great character and humility. We’re delighted to be working with her.'

Husqvarna has recently launched the Vitpilen and Svartpilen street bikes, after having only the 701 Supermoto on their books as a street bike, so they will be pushing marketing and Shayna is high profile enough to help.

Shayna at Perris, 2017, by Scott Toepfer

Shayna is the best known rider in the Singles class. She won five races in 2017, more than any other rider that season, and came fifth in the title. Her biggest weakness are TT tracks. There are four TT races in the 2018 Singles season. Shayna will be racing against her brother, Corey, who is running his own privateer effort in the 450 class.

Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track. 'Having Husqvarna Motorcycles competing in our AFT Singles class and partnering with one of our top competitors is great news for Shayna Texter and also for the entire sport. We are grateful to Husqvarna Motorcycles for their vote of confidence in AFT, and we are all looking forward with great anticipation to see the evolution of their project during the 2018 season.'

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