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It Can Only Be Beirut In The Late '60s

Jetset cabaret locale, hip-swinging dancers, Arabic-tinged pop and a blonde in gold lame Bermuda shorts? It can only be Beirut in the late '60s, which of course it is. Despite being on the pointy end of the geo-political stick (Colonial occupation leading to arbitrary borders, sectarian tensions and some really, really bad neighbours), Lebanon has always been a cultural hub with the Phoenecians, the Romans, the Arabs and the French among others leaving their mark. The result is an incredibly civilized people with great art, literature, cuisine and especially music.

In the late '60s and early '70s, when the country was very much on the up, the 'Paris Of The East' no less, Beirut was a playground for the rich and hip, who wanted to be entertained and the time produced a wealth of incredibly groovy pop , including this gem featuring the legendary Sabah, peroxide diva of Arabic music. She was a true star with over 50 albums, nearly 100 film roles and seven husbands to her name. Scandalous and fabulous to the end, she sadly passed in 2014, but is remembered as one of the greats, even inspiring a downtown Beirut mural tribute. Iconic without a doubt, but she could still Hully Gully when it counted.

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