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Mule Sportster Hooligan

Mule Motorcycles of San Diego are getting into the hooligan game.

'Here’s a Hooligan racer I’m building for Pro rider Mearl Barnett from Visalia, California. Lots of support from (no relation), Barnett’s Harley Davidson in El Paso, Texas. World’s largest HD dealer'

Mule attached a couple of these photos and after the initial 'Wow', I noticed the lower frame rails had been cut and removed, below the front head steady. I sent a reply...

'Woah. That is supercool. Can you share a few details about what you've done to it. I see you've braced the swingarm. But I also see you've cut the front frame rails, so it can't race in the regular Hooligan classes. Stock main frames is the rule, isn't it?'

Mule replied saying...

'The rule says you have to “use” the stock frame, can’t change the steering angle and you have to retain the stock rear shock mounts. I called and talked to Cameron, the guy that runs the rules/series and told him I wanted to remove the cradle. He said no problem. Super Hooligan class ready!

'The goal on the bike was more weight reduction than power increases. We made a swingarm, welded on a rear seat loop, added a backbone reinforcement, dirttrack clamps, Bonneville forks (which are super light amazingly enough), modified the clutch cover to get the clutch cable out of the dirt, Alloy fuel tank, Racetech shocks, Kosman rear caliper, modified for increased capacity Moon oil tank, Barnes hubs, Buchanan spokes and nips, Mule bars and custom Mule exhaust with highly modified DMC muffler.'

Great, I thought. Out of the box thinking from the master street tracker builder, but then I got this email.

'Actually, just got word from Mearl in Portland that Roland said “No, we can’t cut the bottom of the frame off”. The bike is not yet complete, so there’s still time to do a frame swap along with all the work that went into it! F***!'

Perhaps there is a very cool Sportster street track frame going for sale...

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