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First Mablethorpe of 2018

After helping out at SnowQuake (in my role as consultant to North One, DirtQuake/ SnowQuake's new owners) and not even sitting on, never mind racing a bike, I was looking forward competing at Mablethorpe earlier today.

There was a hard frost, but, because the race times are dictated by the tides, it was a later start, so I could have a bit of a sleep in. Then the tide took ages to go out, so we didn't even start practice till 11.30.

The whole feel of Mablethorpe sand racing is unique. It starts before you even get out of your van. Most racers park on the beach, though there are small car parks and some riders use them and push their bikes to the beach. Those who park on the beach have a 20-metre run up to nail it, and get up enough speed to get through the churned up sand and through to the smoother section suitable for parking on. AFT racer, Oliver Brindley, left his Transit's traction control on and got buried. Cars and vans were being towed on in the morning and off in the afternoon.

The series has been running for over 45 years. At the moment the three different road bike classes are doing well (125 - like this TZR125 above, 250-400, unlimited). The motocross classes are struggling. There were only two 450s entered today. The club could do with modernising, but I like the charm of it.

The format is one practice, then five x four-lap races. There are no finals. Instead, the points from the heats add up to the results at the end of the day. (Photo: Max Inman)

My son Max has been coming to the races with me since he was six. I don't enjoy it as much if he can't come with me.

The Co-Built exhaust looks good, doesn't it? Read more about this bike in Sideburn 31.

It was cold, then it started snowing. I loved the look of these three sheltering in a doorway.

I had four thirds, then a DNF in the final race when my bike was soaked by running through a huge puddle and died. I still managed to get joint third and a tiny trophy. Not a bad result from a class of 11 riders.

Next race is in two weeks.

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