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No Substitute For Cubes

This in from Kirk in Pasadena, our correspondent on Russian and Middle East affairs.

There's obviously much to be said for the slightly mad custom vehicle, and anything involving an airplane engine is definitely the business. The English have done the genre proud with gems such as Malcolm Campbell's 'Bluebird' and the incredible 24000cc Napier Bentley (seeing that go up the hill at Prescott is a lifetime memory moment, below), but of course it has to be taken too far and who better than the Russians to do it. What you have here is a tractor powered by a radial engine from an Antonov transport plane. Game over.

Fun Fact- Antonov (actually a Ukranian company), designed and built the AN-22 model, still the largest turboprop plane in the world even designing a nuclear-powered version that thankfully was never prototyped, and later built the AN-225 which is still the world's largest operating plane. Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours!

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