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This was sent by our Pasadena correspondent, Kirk.

Seeing this video made me think, for too long, that if you're having fun, it really doesn't matter how you're dressed, because any right thinking person is going to be happy too.

But if you dress in eye-catching manner then behave in a pompous way, you look a tool.

So why don't we see more clothing experimentation? Social media and the stigma of the hipster tag has made like boring in many ways. I wonder if punk would have flourished if the early experimenters didn't just get chased and shouted at by people they met on the street, but the whole TrollWorld was on their backs. Anyway, get your dove grey knickerbockers and your cable knit tank top (sweater vest), team it with some box Fresh Stan Smiths and electric blue popsocks and cut a rug.

Have a great weekend!

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