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Wedge 310

When BMW Motorrad launch a new model they often coincide the release of a customised bike. They did it with the R9Ts and the new entry level tiddler, the single cylinder G310.

I saw the Wedge bike on instragram when it appeared at the Mooneyes Show last December. I had no idea it was a BMW (I couldn't see the massive BMW cast into the engine casing) and I couldn't work out what the motor was. Amazingly, Wedge, the Japanese company that customised it, left most of the frame standard, though they did move the position of the shock.

We asked BMW Motorrad's head of Design, Ola Stenegärd to write about the Wedge 310 for Sideburn 30. And he said yes.

Above: Wedge 310. Below: 2015 BMW 310GS

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