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Sideburn Socks: Buy or get FREE!*

It seemed like a dream. That we could be riding down the road and the left foot that was tapping on the gear lever would be ensconced in an exclusive sheath of cotton/poly/elastan made for our very own megacorp. But, I'm hear to tell, you, dream big friends, because you never know what might happen.

Not content with creating the very wonderful Sideburn neck tubes, Italian moto loving clothing brand Holy Freedom have created a limited run of go fast, turn left Sideburn socks and had them made in Italy. Italian socks? Yes, you've arrived.

Now, we've set the price of these socks at £13.50, below Holy Freedom's RRP (we've lowered the price. They should be £19, because of the very weak pound to Euro exchange rate), still they're above the price of a lot of foot coverings and not as expensive as some of the socks you get in some moto and extreme sports shops. They are very. Good. Socks.


For a limited time, we are offering a pair of Sideburn x Holy Freedom socks to anyone who buys a Sideburn Umlaut hooded sweat or Sideburn x Dickies Engine Jacket - WHILE STOCKS LAST, so don't hang about..

If you think i'm joking about the whole long held dream of socks, just look at the old Sideburn blog, we had a Sock 'label'.

* While stocks last. Did I mention this is only while socks, I mean, stocks last.

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