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Supreme riff on Aldana

I admit I'm still a sucker for some clothing brands, though not in the same way I was as a youth, but the whole Supreme thing has passed me by. I'm too old for it, I reckon... Supreme are a NYC-based skate brand turned super high-end streetwear brand/fashionista favourite, producing, among dozens of other things, skateboard decks with artwork created for them by artists the level of Jeff Koons. Many of their products sell out very quickly, inspiring people to camp out for days before the release of a new pair of trainers, that are immediately put on eBay at much inflated prices to be snapped up by people not stupid enough to camp out for a pair of trainers, but just daft enough to pay £500 for them. Adding to the scarcity is the fact Supreme have just ten stores in the world.

Supreme has made collab jackets with legendary US motorcycle leather manufacturer Vanson Leathers in the past and, for this Autumn/Winter season, they're releasing more Vanson-made collab leathers inspired by David Aldana's famous design (though there is no mention of Aldana on their website's descriptions).

Prices are unavailable and the webshop does not re-open until August 24. Expect a hefty hipster premium on top of Vanson's regular prices.

NOTE: DTRA racer, DirtQuake mirrorball and one of the world's nicest men, Adam Brinkworth heads up an architectural agency, Brinkworth Design, who has designed shop interiors for Supreme's stores.

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