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I'll put getting the holeshot in front of that packed grid of DTRA talent down to reading Johnny Lewis's Get Schooled in Sideburn 21. We have the world's best riders giving us riding tips in the Get Schooled section in every issue. Here's what you might have missed (the number is the issue of the magazine)...

21 Get the Holeshot with Johnny Lewis

22 How to Crash with David Aldana

23 Draft to Victory with Bryan Smith

24 Short Track badassery with Briar Bauman

25 Body English with Chris Carr

26 Win from the front with Brandon Robinson

27 Win as a one-man band with Alan Birtwistle

28 Make the most with the least with Jeffrey Carver

29 Promote your own race with Randy Kremlacek

30 Use your brake to go faster with Johnny Lewis

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Photo: Ian Osborne/DTRA

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