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Dirty Orange

In our continuing mission to brighten the T-shirt department of your walk-in wardrobes we are introducing our next 8-issue subscriptions T-shirt offer, the Dirty Orange!

The Jade tee was a gamble, we admit it, but it went down a treat, so we're expecting the D.O. to fly out of the Sideburn international distribution hub like South American bats on a night time feeding foray.

Here's the deal for the hard of thinking:

  • You sign up for an eight issue subscription

  • You get sent the new magazine as soon as it arrives from the printers (no hassle)

  • You avoid any prize increases or postage charge increases

  • You get a limited edition Sideburn T-shirt for FREE (only with two-year subs, while stocks last)

  • You support the independents (and get a warm glow for doing so)

  • You get a Sideburn sticker with every issue we send you

  • You play a small, but crucial part, in keeping motorcycle magazines alive

  • You have bought yourself a little gift that keeps giving for TWO WHOLE YEARS

Ok, you can't wait another second, I get it, so follow this link to Subscribe to Sideburn!

What's that? What does it say on the T-shirt? It's Japanese and says, 'Go Fast, Turn Left'

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