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Sideburn 30: Pre-Order

Sideburn 30 is available for pre-order. This heavyweight asteroid of moto funk will be sent out on or close to August 12.

116 pages of dirt, adventure, racing, culture and hard-won knowledge. A tactile delight created by some of the world's finest moto magazine elves.

Forgot the bandwagon jumpers, the next-big-thing humpers, the gold rush halfwits. We've been doing this stuff for ten years (and I can tell you it doesn't get any easier). We do it for love, but love don't pay our bills, so buy a magazine or two ya cheapskates!

That was magazine good cop and bad cop all in one paragraph. Look, it's 34 degrees C here and my brain is melting, so just follow the link below. Better still...

Subscribe for 8 issues and get a free jade T-shirt (worth £18).

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