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RSD Superhooligan Scout Kit

The good people at Roland Sands Designs have released a limited edition kit to transform stock 2015-onwards Scouts and Scout 60s into Superhooligans, like those raced by Roland, Cameron Brewer, Jordan Graham and stars like Carey Hart, Joe Kopp and Sammy Halbert.

The kit could be used for someone who wants to race a Scout, or wants the Superhooligan look for the road.

The kit includes:

Aluminum Sub Frame

Fiberglass Tail Section

Padded Race Seat

Rectifier Re-Locator

Belt Tensioner

Shock Re-Locator

Front # Plate & Mount Kit

Rear # Plates & Mount Kit

Scout Fork brace

It costs $1600 for that lot, but if you want the true superhooligan look you'd also need to think about new 13in shocks, bars, relocated foot controls, 19in wheels and rubber and a tasty two-into-one race pipe. RSD will sell you all that too (except perhaps the tyres), it's just a matter of how hooligan you want to be.

Go to to buy or for more info.

I was invited to race one of these bikes on a tiny short track at the CFTA's Santa Rosa pre-National race last year (see above) and I felt comfortable from get-go and was surprised how I could really race it from lap one. I normally like to take a while to learn a new bike and don't let my ego sign cheques my skill can't cash. The guys who are on them more regularly are riding the Scouts like 450s, climbing all over them, muscling them, peg dragging, it's incredible to watch.

I'd never sat on the bikes before, but I was confident to run in the thick of the action on a dusty short track, smaller than anything I'd normally race in the UK, and I was elbow to elbow with Don Galloway, another guest rider, who'd swept the previous night's vintage racing on the same track. I wasn't battling Roland at the front, but I was comfortably mid-pack without thinking I was pushing. It's very easy to move, it's balanced and carries its considerable weight well. The power delivery is easy to meter, it's there when you want it, but it's not vicious if you're sensible with the throttle.

Read what our track tester/poet Travis Newbold thought about racing a Scout Superhooligan at the high pressure Las Vegas Superprestigio (where the series was launched) in Sideburn 24.

There are a fleet of Indian Scouts competing in the DTRA Hooligan championship, all built by Krazy Horse. They've won all but the first round, which they didn't attend, and Krazy Horse are also offering a hooligan conversion service for Scout owners in the UK and Europe.

The next round of the DTRA Hooligan series is on the Friday of DirtQuake.

The next US Superhooligan round is at DirtQuake USA!

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