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Rotten Juice: Barras + Paternoster

Earlier this month two of my favourite London-based artists opened Rotten Juice, a collaborative show in an East London gallery. I went along took some photos, gawped at the art and even bought a bit of it.

The pair created their own new works of art, but also worked together on a number of pieces including this huge multi-panel piece. The work is four panels high, by 18 wide and has four distinct layers.

I bought the panel with the red dot in the corner, because it had two very recognisable bits of each artist.

Barras and Paternoster worked together on this wall of postcard sized works. They are £50 each. Maxwell was surprised by the amount of work he was expected to produce while working with Will. 'It was like art boot camp,' he said.

'Battering into your now'

Top row by Barras, bottom row by Paternoster.

Close-up of new Barras work.

Large scale Paternoster

Fossil Fuel by Paternoster

There was only a handful of bike-related work from Paternoster.

The shop continues until the end of March at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, London, where both artists live. Get along and treat yourself to some original art from these two originals.

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