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Are friends electric

I'm sure I don't have to spoon-feed pop cultural references to you raging aesthetes, but in case anyone didn't get the reference in the headline of the previous post, here you go, Tubeway Army, led by Gary Numan, released 1981. Anyone know a Gary under 40 years old (except me, of course, 33 on my next birthday.)? Oh, I thought of one. Isle of Man TT racer, Gary Johnson, 34. Any others? They don't have to be famous. Come on, pregnant women, don't let this completely unregal name die out! Think of all the famous Garys your son or daughter could be following in the footsteps of... Player Lineker Barlow Oldman Coleman Busey Numan Moore Cooper Indiana Sprake Glitter Ok, maybe not that last one. G

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