Our friends The Real Intellectuals in Athens, Greece sent us photos of this great looking tracker they built with the help of some friends.

The idea for creating a flat tracker motorcycle burst out of The Real Intellectuals in a conversation with Bandisca, a team of A class builders in Romania, and Caferacercult.gr from Athens. The kick start was the desire to create a motorcycle that was not only built from scratch, but that we could also race… and that's exactly what happened a month later at The Rotten Race. This was our second time organizing the event, to an even greater than expected success !!!

The whole venture begun with the offer from CaféRacerCult.gr of the withdrawn Honda CB400Τ. We contacted our collaborators at Bandisca Motorcycles, so that their moto-engineering expertise would give us the best possible results with the raw material we already had.

The creative staff of The Real Intellectuals took charge of the art casing of the motorcycle, while Bandisca gave the final shape. The result is a collective work between two countries, with their imagination and love of the flat track scene as the main axis . It’s a work we admire as creators, but was also admired by the people who got the chance to see it in motion.


tank: Kawasaki G7SS

engine: Honda CB400N

frame and aluminium tail: custom made by Bandisca

wheels: 19''

tires: Golden Tyre Company GT267

handlebar: 70s Husqvarna

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Sideburn is proud to have brokered a deal to put our staff poet, track tester and roving ambassador, Travis Newbold on a very special version of Bottpower's XR1 to compete at Pikes Peak in 2017 (subject to entry being accepted, see below).

The Spanish company's XR1R will use an engine from the track-only Buell XBRR. Only 56 of this fully-faired, Daytona-focussed racers were built, during the time of Harley's ownership of Buell, and two have been loaned to the team by their customers. The engine will be in Bott's own titanium spine chassis. The styling of the bike will be very similar to the XR1R (above). I hope there is room for 747 on the side number plate.

The main sponsor for the Bottpower Pikes Peak project are our friends at Kriega, the British-based innovative moto-luggage firm who have advertised in Sideburn since issue 1, and who we featured in Sideburn 21. Entries for the motorcycle and ATV classes at Pikes Peak have been slashed in recent years (perhaps as a result of two deaths in two years), so the team's official entry is being considered. Fingers crossed. Travis has won his class in previous years and came second in 2015 on the Buell-powered Ronin. he was only beaten by an HRC-backed Honda America Fireblade. You can read more about Pikes Peak in a story written by Guy Martin in Sideburn 18. We only have two of these issues left. Keep up with the Bottpower Pike Peak project at the Bottpower blog.

The latest instalment from Sideburn ambassador, John Harrison. I first encountered Sideburn mate and perennial Dirt Quaker Pete Stansfield at the 2011 Hotrod Hayride, where he had ventured south to run his Triumph sprint/drag bike at the 1/8th mile Detonator Drags at Dunsfold in Surrey. He told me it was the first time the bike had been out since 1972.

I was racing my Harley 45 and drew Pete in my first race. Needless to say, he had blasted across the finish line before I completed my first (hand) gear change. The pic shows him warming the motor prior to changing to race plugs. I think he was running on methanol. I remember being impressed by his bib 'n' brace leathers and suffering severe tyre envy over that historic M&H slick. Yes that is a Dakota in the background and yes, the legend is true, it did race down the runway against Chief Detonator Langley Gifford in his 1940s period-correct '32 Roadster Hotrod, which was a lump-in-the-throat sight as they both thundered away into the late afternoon sun before the Dakota lifted off and banked hard right. Could it be the same plane that overflew Dirt Quake IV?

Pete also brought his sweet, hardtail pre-unit when it was in reverse-head incarnation. It has since seen Dirt Quake action, though in a different guise.

He raced Dirt Quake this year on a bone stock, low-mileage CCM flat tracker in the Street Scrambler class (I thought the stars on my leathers were neat, but Pete's were big 'n' GOLD)...

...while his daughter, Ellis, raced his stock ('cept for whitewall tyres) Suzuki B120 Loanaladyaracer.

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