Amateur flat track is spreading around the world, from Russia to Japan, Argentina to India, and now Brazil. We were contacted by Gabriela Hoover who shared news on an event coming up in Brazil, that Jeffrey Carver is a part of. Here's what she tells us.

It's not a secret that Covid-19 had 2020 pretty much canceled all over, affecting some of the major events in the USA and abroad, but has also brought people together and fired up new ways for connecting and exchanging ideas. In Brazil, the two biggest custom motorcycle shows - the BMS (Brasil Motorcycle Show) and the Lucky Friends Rodeo - had to be canceled, and with it, the races for the recently created Brazilian Flat Track League. Or, so we thought. 

In an effort to not let the sport lose momentum, the Brazilian Flat Track League, the organizers from BMS, and Lucky Friends Rodeo got together to keep the competition going and fire up the teams and racers with an online event that promises to bring the excitement of the race to the audience's screens: the 'On Track.

On November 1st, 2020, at 1 PM (EST), flat track fans worldwide will be able to tune in online and watch 'On Track', the first Brazilian flat track race event to be offered online.

To broadcast the event, the Brazilian FT League will use the platform Anybody can sign up to watch the race for free, but numbers are limited, so the organizers recommend the public to sign up as soon as possible using the link (there is an English option for singing up at the bottom of the page).

The 'On Track' organizers are following all WHO recommendations for the participants of the race: health check booths and Covid-19 tests for racers, team members, and production crew, and lots of masks. The race will happen in Sorocaba, SP - Brazil. 

Photos: Joao Gabrielde Souza Pereira, Joao Lemes, Julia Foroni, Olhado Veigade Oliveira

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Cory Texter has just finished a gruelling AFT season, that squeezed 8 races into four consecutive weekends. He came up a few points short of retaining his #1 plate, losing out to James Rispoli and his Harley XG750R, but Cory's string of results in the final six races was three wins and three second places, making him the form rider as the season got serious.

And now what does he do? He organises his own pro/am race in Florida, the Winter Throwdown. January will see third annual event, will classes for Pros, Ams, Juniors, hooligans and others, many classes with prize money.

Get more details at Winter Throwdown

Killer Poster by Ryan 'Roadkill' Quickfall

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