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The world’s best go fast, turn left magazine Mablethorpe Rupert Paul explains how the UK does sand racing.
issue three in Dick Mann
Kenny Roberts is hero to many, but ask KR and he says Dick ‘Bugsy’ Mann is his. We interview the legend.
The story of the man behind the world’s finest street trackers. Exclusive shots by Adam Wright of Road Course and Hauler infamy.
Mule Motorcycles  Scorpions
Canada’s degenerate race clique who put the dirt in dirt track. ‘It’s way more fun being the underdog and seeing what you can do out there’.
The Vintagent explains how the US did sand racing.
If you’re going to dress like that you better be fast. Paul Herman is.

Ron Wood 
He’s built some of the most iconic flat track bikes of all time. And his recent BMW shows he’s still got it. The most exhaustive feature on Mr Wood we’ve ever seen.
Flathead, stripped, hopped-up and tweaked for oval devastation.
DIY Hot Shoe 
How to make your own. Today’s chef, Skooter Farm Racing’s Captain Highside. (No children were hurt in the making of this hot shoe).

Chrome don’t get you home 
Shiny! Ooh! Mick Phillips drools over a modern Bonneville Thruxton given the full Friday night treatment in Italy. 
Craig Randall 
There is absolutely no reason you should have heard of him. But we serve up seven pages of reasons why you should learn about him. The fantastic story and beautiful scrapbook of a 1970s club racing US 1st Cav helicopter pilot.